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Friday, December 11, 2009

Colour Me Corby

Nuffnang latest event! Samsung Corby Carnival day!!!

Just write a blog post describe how colourful ur life is and submit a photo to get the invitation. Just tat simple~

My life indeed very colourful... Problem that come and difficulty that faced all can solved it...
Study, Have fun, Entertainment for sure all is part of my life and its make my life colourful.

However, the most important thing still be my 'colourful corby' friend!!

Because of them, i have a colourful life due to their 'colorfulness'.

Lastly, i choose WHITE as my corby color. White is combination of all color and yes, it describe me well as my life full of combination from all those study, stress, sickness, and etc.

Corby WHITE!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making!

Nuffnang given out the premier ticket again~

Tis time will be my favourite since im in primary 5- Sherlock Holmes!!!

Sherlock Holmes Image!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Nuffnang AGAIN giving out ticket for premier screen NINJA ASSASSIN !!

All i need to do to get the ticket is juz post a blog post with a picture show how am i look like if i'm a ninja assassin! Pretty simple~

Hmm...hw would i do if i'm a ninja assassin?

-I guess...i will wanted to have a battle with all the assassin to become the top assassin..Everyone will hired me!!This definitely will make me richer than BILL!!!
-And ofcoz, i will go to assassinated those worst president to have a peaceful world!

I'll look like tis if i'm a ninja assassin??

Friday, October 9, 2009

Back to HomeTown!

Laziness had let my blog to be 'kosong' for few month... should update something by now la~

So...after struggling for 3 week for study( half way dota half way study??) finally come back to my hometown Kuching~

Well..kuching stil the quiet and peaceful place... as Kelvin said" kuching kuching...wher can i go?" Same feeling for me as kuching really nt much place to go....

The best for me still...staying at home and finish all my drama 1st....XD


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adbrite Again!!

Yes~ Received adbrite cheque again. For the past 5 month, i had received two cheque from adbrite again although the amount is not much....

Overall i already received 3 cheque from adbrite... it is confirm that adbrite has high efficiency bcoz all the cheque i received are within 2 week time after issued...

Fyi, im not promoting adbrite here but just to shared...

Still..more details can be obtained at here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

PIKOM pc fair 2009

Short and Outdated post:

My first job for 2009, working at KLCC pikom pc fair 2009. If not mistaken this pc fair held on mid of april...

Kelvin, Alvin and i work for fosa marketing on selling Toshiba laptop. Not so satisfy with this company but had a nice experience....

Kelvin on training and briefing section

Juz a pass



Kingsoft show gal

Thank to EngTau Mic the photographer for the pic...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Year 2 Sem 1 end.....

6 paper finally finished after 3 week...

Back to kch ~

Few post update soon....XD

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009!!

Nuffnang Music Bash~ The first nuffnang party i attended this yr...

This event held at Maison and this place took us some time to arrived due to none of us dunno wher this place located...

But still... luckily hav alvin's nokia 5800 provided us the

Party begin at 7pm and we all have a great time with it...

Meet many other blogger as Gary stated out and also have fun with some game as k-vin said~
There also lots of games with prize giving out to the bloggers..but we not able to get one.

Rocks On!


Games and Party ON!

The Nuffy Brothers meet Bob Marley~

Great Party~~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To EngTauKia

Special post for Maiku Liu aka EngTauKia aka Michael Liu

Recently had a post for his past interesting 20 yr.

And Today, He turned 21 yr old. (Many thing is legal now and can do wat as u like..)


Tat's him.

Stay Engtau~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’

Respond to Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, i would like to be invited to this Music Bash Party held at Maison on 4 april.

What i need to do is just -

Write a blog post titled ‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’ with a picture of myself dressed up like a celebrity and how i
wish to be treated if i am a celebrity then send an email to nuffnang.

To dress up like a celebrity is just simple as nowadays most of the celebrity dresses nothing much different with others...XD

So, if i were a celebrity, how i wanted to be treated and what i want??

- For sure, i want to experience the feel of being adored by Fans.
- Surrounded by Fans.
- Feel for being protected by Bodyguards.
- On the Cover page of Trend Magazine.
- A lots of Money~~
- Own an Estate, Private Airplane, Great Car....
- Win a lot of Music Award~

and JUST LIKE A STAR !!! shinning everywhere~~

Im a member of Nuffy Brothers!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour

Introduce EARTH HOUR 2009!!!

28th of March 2009

8:30pm to 9:30pm

Thank to WWF Malaysia which brought this event that started 2007, now eveyone can stand for environmental awareness by simply turning off ur light for an hour~

Friday, March 20, 2009

DiGi Broadband~

After Celcom and Maxis came out with their 3G broadband..

Now, and come the:

DiGi broadband!!!

at last...officially launch yesterday....

Interested?? Find out more at here !!

The digi broadband plan
(click to enlarge)

Monday, March 16, 2009

DragonBall Evolution Premier!

Well, had attended the DragonBall evolution Premier last week thank to nuffnang...

This is the first nuffnang event i attenteded...

Nice movie anyway which with nice effect but lousy storyline....
A bit disappointed

We had win the ticket

Thank to Nuffnang again~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank Nuffnang~

Well, actually i wana post this since long time ago but due to laziness...
so i juz post now...

Again, i received my nuffnang second payout few month ago... although not much money...

However, nuffnang still the most popular and successful advertising company...

Thankz Nuffnang~

Dec 2008

Where am i and what im doing on dec 2008???

Feel free to visit EngTauKia's Blog for more Info!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution!!

For my previous post i do mention that dragon ball the movie will released...
Now, nuffnang finally bring you the premier for this movie....
And ofcoz, i will not be miss it~~hahaha

So, wat the story i will talk bout??

For dragon ball fans, im sure they know who's Goku and who's Vegeta...
Fight for both of them happen again yesterday..

So-called GOKU-vin charging his power

And this the Vegeta-K oso charging his power confidently to against GOKU-vin

Fight between them

Both of them using their greatest skill or qi-gong known as Kame-Hame-Ha~

At the last, Vegeta-K had lose the fight as the KIASU GOKU-vin transform into Super Saiyan...

But...Vegeta-K will nt giv up so easilly...the fight will still continues....


Saturday, February 14, 2009


CNY and chap goh mei end for omost 1 week...
quite a lot of my fren do post some cny and chap gok meh post...
so its not necessary for me to post again...lolz

Anyway, today is valentine's day..
thanks friends for come over to celebrate wif me oso as michael mention
feel touched oso~

so nth special , for those who dnt hav couple wish them can find 1 and wish everyone here..


Friday, January 23, 2009


Yes, finally back to kuching again~~

Due to long time dint update any post and hibernate for so long just simply add up new post

Err....CNY is just around...nth much to say...everyone's back, everyone hav same post oso...

So...Just wish everyone..