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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


Yes! Nuffnang given out premier for Resident Evil: AfterLife in 3D. Waiting for this movie since longggg time ago~~

Indeed, im fans of Resident Evil since epi 1. Hopefully i can win myself a ticket for this premier!

All the fans of resident evil should know that Umbrella Corp is the one that created the T-virus which turn every1 into zombie...
So, if asked how would i wil go to against the evil Umbrella Corporation if im alice or claire... i actually has 1 idea.

Since all the human being almost turn to zombie and still there are much more powerful one inside Umbrella Corp, I don't think i will able to fight all of them...

What i gonna do is.... I would go find Hiro(from Heroes) 1st then find another 2 team of people - The A-team(from movie the A-team) and Team of Dom Cobb(from movie Inception).

Why i find them?? hahaz...
ofcoz, i wil ask Hiro to transfer 2 team of us go back to the time when T-virus havent created. Then i'll go look for the 1 who gave this idea or instruction to create this virus. Next thing is... i'll asked Dom Cobb and his team to plant an idea to this person so that he wont create the virus. For sure, the A-team will help me to clear and block all the enemy come by!

hmm...why i just dont kill that person? This because of Umbrella Corp at that time is very important and cant simply kill the important person...

However, since i am alice or claire.. i might not able to exist again after this.. But for human being future, it is worth !