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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would

Guess What!!?? Ip Man 2 finally come!!! After the great success of Ip Man, again Donnie Yen play as Ip Man for Ip Man 2.

This time, Ip Man has set up a martial school to teach wing chun and again will be challenged by different kung fu master.

Nuffnang together with gsc-eonbankcard has given an opportunity for every1 to win a samsung mobile phone and Ip Man 2 premier passes!!!

So... If I am Ip Man master, I would ??

First of all, for sure i would like to meet with all those kung fu master such as Master Wong(黄飞鸿), Master Su(苏灿), and other master so that i can learn all of they kung fu as Wing Chun(咏春) is not enough for me...

After i learnt all the kung fu, i will form a kung fu army by teaching them all i have learnt. Since Ip Man master can 1 against 20, i bet after learnt all the kung fu sure can be 1 against 50 or maybe 100...

Forming a kung fu army with those kung fu, for sure will have a great chance to win the war and battle~

I will look like tis if i am Ip Man???

Against the soldier...

Kung Fu Army!!

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